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Paul’s love of sound began at 13 with his first electric guitar. And his immersion into all aspects of it has never stopped. With over 20 years of experience in Editing, Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering, and Composing, Paul brings a wide range of technical and creative skills to every project.


His unique approach to the sonic elevation of a story and delivering stellar content has earned him consistent work on a wide variety of  sound projects, including the multi award winning “This is That.” (CBC Radio) and  "Hindsight " (AlJazeera).


Paul has also worked as an actor onstage, onscreen and as the voice of numerous TV and Radio campaigns for Mitsubishi, Canon, Kellogs, VISA, Johnson & Johnson,Tim Hortons and Campbells.


When he's not making sound, Paul loves to spend time with his wife Nicolle and their son Isidoro (Izzy).Oh, and their 2 cats, Ben and Pumpkin. In the occasional window of “spare time” he still loves to play electric guitar..... and swim with sea lions!




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